… waking up and truly feeling revived and recharged. Not only feeling invigorated about the day but also having the confidence that you know how to reduce that nagging voice in the back of your head and motivate yourself with kindness.

Scientific research has proven that 40 minutes of daily practices in self-compassion will reduce negative emotions, make you feel more “alive”, increase your productivity and bring you more joy! The “care circuit” in your brain can actually be measured and expands with consistent daily self-compassion practices over a two week period!

Teri is thrilled to present her workshops that will guide you and an intimate group through techniques in self-compassion. In these workshops, you will receive:

  • Daily gratitude statements

  • Relaxing negative emotions

  • Releasing the inner critic

  • Reconnecting with your inner child

  • Healing power of 'play'

  •  Mindful presence techniques

  • Feel good aromas and music that feed your soul

  • Emotional architecture

  • Daily gifts to yourself

  • Create feel good spaces 

Past Events:

Teri is also available for on-site, bespoke and corporate workshops. Please click on the button below to inquire about this offering.